Our adventure began with an apprenticeship, during which we learned the traditions and secrets of the local master woodworkers. We added new ideas to these ancient traditions in the production and development of our drums.

Through the years that we have been building our instruments, many musicians have visited our workshop's research and development facility located in the mountains near Bergamo. Their comments and ideas have contributed to our ongoing projects in drum design and percussion acoustics. Through our initial exposure in Italy, and later internationally, our contacts with important performers have increased exponentially and we continue to maintain a personal relationship with our clients in an attempt to adress their specific needs within any musical context.

To conclude, we at Le Soprano encourage you to perform on our handcrafted drums and to contact us with any questions or suggestions you might have concerning our line of instruments. Our only advice to you, the musician, is: explore your creative potential and musical vision through your instrument.

Craftsmen of our sort can give drums life, but only your passion and creativity can make them grow.