Prima original


  • Solid wood staves shell

    The staves shell have greater property of vibration and maintain the natural sonorous quality of the wood unchanged. The wood staves are hand selected and tone matched.

  • Free Floating Shell Technology

    The drums are made with two independent cylinders joined by a flange of a section laminated beech which houses all the hardware so that these do not interfere with the natural vibration of the drum.

  • Brass hoops and hardware

    Mechanical parts and hoops are made of brass, a material that not only improves aesthetics, but contributes to the unique sound of our drums. The hoops of the toms are of brass B12 and those of the snares in B20, an alloy similar to that used for the cymbals.

  • Snare Unit

    Brass snare strainer Le Soprano and snare wire 18 wires Le Soprano.