Passion is the engine that gave birth to this wonderful adventure. I believe that it had been a total attraction, ever since. It begun during my young age but never accomplished due of an infinite number of problems to practice this instrument.
My studies and the arts practice gave me the load of experiences, information and knowledge in the varius fields and on the different materials.
This knowledge gave me the possibility to try a new experience and to apply everything I’ve learnt in this fascinating and full of nuance world.
I can not forget the precious help received from all the people that have offered their time and professionalism to reach this success.
I’ve worked with specialized people that made the percussions a profession and with them we have elaborated an enormous quantity of technical and sound information that have enriched our knowledge.
Every time we have achieved high quality standards, in both the sound and the design, it has been an enormous surprise and satisfaction.
A special thank goes to my family that have always supported me unconditionally in this adventure and comforted me in the tough moments.
Especially I’ve to thank my wife Pilar, a precious collaborator that with her loving presence can always make everything have the right balance and attention which needs, giving it the right dimension.
Non trascurare mai di suonare il tuo strumento- Marco Gambirasio